The Canberra Forum

Introducing the Canberra Forum!

In an Australian first, I established The Canberra Forum - a group of approximately 40 people, selected independently to be representative of our community.

The Canberra Forum gave Canberrans greater access to me and the ability to advise me on the issues that are of most importance to Canberrans by using a deliberative process.

The Forum was independently facilitated by Australian deliberative democratic experts DemocracyCo and independently recruited for by the Sortition Foundation (a global not for profit) – who both provided their time and support voluntarily.

Forum participants had access to experts in the field on the topics which are highlighted as most important to the community – to help them provide me with the best possible advice.  

"Our views often change when we have the chance to hear from experts and discuss issues with others with different perspectives."

I hope that The Forum helped participants to better understand the democratic process in Australia and use that knowledge to get the best outcomes for their community. 

The Forum met for a total of 20 hours over 6 months (including a break for the Christmas period). I'm committed to acting on the advice of the forum including by:

1. Making representations to the Federal Parliament about the Forum's work;

2. Advocating for our community through the Federal Labor Party Caucus;

3. Publishing the Forum's advice right here on my website - in full and unchanged; and

4. Writing to relevant Minister/s to advise them of the views of my electorate on specific recommendations.